Introducing our expert dent technician, Terry, who possesses extensive skills honed through his attendance at KECO PDR Training. At our facility, we offer the remarkable service of paintless dent repairs, which eliminate the need for any paintwork on your vehicle.

Whether you have large or small dents, bodyline dents, or bothersome creases, we have the solution. Our approach involves gaining access to the affected panel through a window opening or through careful removal of the panel itself. With the aid of specialised tools such as bars, tap down sticks, and weighted hammers, our skilled technician delicately massages the dent out of the panel.

By expertly manipulating and working with the area using these specially designed tools, the technician successfully releases the pressure and effectively removes the dent.

Trust us with the repair of dents and creases on bonnets, doors, and other panels. We possess the expertise and the tools necessary to bring your vehicle back to its flawless state, without the need for paint intervention.