As the number of electric vehicles on the roads continues to surge, it is crucial for repair and maintenance professionals to possess the necessary knowledge and skills to ensure safe handling and minimize the risk of damaging the intricate systems within these cars.

It is of utmost importance to have both the expertise and specialised equipment to safely repair these vehicles and eliminate any potential harm to their complex systems, as well as to the individuals working on them. A key commonality among these vehicles is the presence of high voltage DC power systems.

At our facility, Terry holds EV & HV Certifications in repair and replacement from The Institute of the Motor Industry (IMI), emphasising our commitment to safety when dealing with Electric & Hybrid Vehicles. We prioritise the well-being of both our staff and your vehicle.

Additionally, our approach of paintless dent repair not only yields exceptional results, but also aligns with environmentally friendly practices and cost-effectiveness.

By opting for this method, we ensure a less intrusive and greener approach to repairs compared to traditional techniques.

Choose us for your electric vehicle repair needs, knowing that we possess the necessary expertise, safety certifications, and a commitment to sustainable practices through paintless dent repair.