Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions2023-07-11T22:11:10+01:00
At what point is damage too bad to be repaired using PDR?2023-07-07T10:06:37+01:00

When paint is missing i.e. scratched / scraped off, chances are that the damages is too severe to be fixed.

Do you offer a free quote?2023-05-21T22:42:25+01:00

Yes we do, you can bring the vehicle over to us for some free advice and an estimate on the costs to repair.

What types of dents can you repair?2023-07-07T10:07:22+01:00

Basically, we can remove most small dents and light creasing.

Medium dents around 2 to 4 inches can be removed as well as larger creases.

Your shopping trolley dings, and minor bumps are typical PDR repairs, and these are usually found on your wings and rear doors.

Can you fix any dent?2023-07-07T10:07:42+01:00

PDR fixes dents from behind – so if there is good access for the tools and technician then it can be fixed.

Don’t forget we are also GPR (glue pull dent repair) techs so if PDR isn’t possible, it may be that the GPR solution is a great alternative method.

Do the dents come back?2023-07-07T10:07:51+01:00

No! once removed with PDR the dent will not come back.

How long does it take?2023-05-21T22:40:29+01:00

We say times are from one hour. Bigger dents can take up to 6-8 hours.

What are the costs to have a dent fixed by yourselves?2023-07-07T10:08:36+01:00

Each dent is different, and no price structure fits all but as a guide price start from as little as £60.

There are many factors which will affect the final cost for its repair.

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